CHICKEN & BISCUITS Reviewed by Celia Ipiotis

                                                     Cleo King and family. Photograph by Emilio Madrid.

A strong cast gamely pushes through the new Broadway show Chicken and Biscuits at the Circle in the Square. Led by the awesomely talented Norm Lewis and Michael Urie, the ensemble invests 100% of their energy in Douglas Lyons' production directed by Zhailon Levingston.

Set on the day of Baneatta's (Cleo King) father's funeral, and presided over by her husband Reginald Mabry (Lewis), the day is filled with congregating family members.

In a very clever twist, set designer Lawrence E. Moten III converts pews into vanity tables or kitchen cabinets while costume designer Dede Ayite makes some of the funniest and most sophisticated statements through the costumes and topped by Nikiya Mathis' Hair/Wig & Make-up Designs.

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