FALL FOR DANCE PROGRAM #2 Reviewed by Mary Seidman

(Photograph by Robert Altman: Ephrat Asherie)

Fall For Dance Program #2 launched the evening with Stephen Petronio’s 2019 American Landscapes.  The curtain opened with a view of three side-by-side box-type projected images on the backdrop (Robert Longo and Don Cieslik) that changed throughout the work from forest, to moon, airplanes, American flag, Earth, and animals. Petronio’s ensemble work featured nine dancers executing modern/balletic movement vocabulary in Cunninghamesque tightly choreographed quartets, duets, and interchangeable group work, with twisting torsos atop legs of exquisitely performed traveling steps, jumps and leaps.

The dancers were costumed in grey leotards by designer H. Petal. Lighting (Ken Tabachnick), changed from stark black and whites to sepia shades at the end supporting warmth and community as the dancers held hands while performing unison, interdependent partnering.

Next came Sons de L’Ame (2013), translated in English to mean “Sounds of the Soul”, choreography by Stanton Welch, Artistic Director of Houston Ballet. The piece opened with male dancer Connor Walsh on stage, with live pianist Vladimir Rumyantsev eloquently playing Frederic Chopin pieces as Karina Gonzalez enters en pointe. Dressed in matching leotard pants and a halter top that strategically exposed her incredible torso muscles, she seamlessly performed rising and falling movements, jumps and leaps in the air.

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